Jets, Ferrari’s, Porsche’s and Caddy’s

I love it when a plan comes together – and music video’s fall into the category of the need to be well organized, thought out and planned; and this was not that event! Which of course, in the hands of madman Exit Realty salesman, disc jockey, guru speaker, videographer and newly crowned director, Andrew D. White is well, a good thing.
Mr. Perfect and team had recently relocated from the Bay area to Indy and needed a crack director to shoot a classic video. Instead they found Andrew, founder of Indigo Life media, who has been videotaping everything from home rehab, foreclosure cleanup, dance routines and innovative real estate promotions. Andrews contagious, energetic spark and spastic timetable of events held together by his right hand man, Josh Brewer, helped bring together the finer things in life for the now legendary shoot. Country clubs, warehouses, BBQ’s, lear jet’s and the exotic club of Ferrari’s, Porsche’s and Caddy’s all played a backdrop for the sure fire video of Mr. Perfect’s ‘I’mma Be’ with our boy, Sir Charles C playing a pivotal role.
On deck, ‘Feelin My Swagger’ video with Sir Charles C – with this type of creative spunk happening here, the master plan of taking over the world is eminent! Let’s Go!


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