The Big Web Show says the world will have Bit Coins – fact or fiction?

This is a response to the UK’s Big Web Show that is transmitted by Podcasts usually weekly.

I choose randomly and got episode #26 about being back from London and using Bit Coins.

The first 10 minutes or so was random jargon that was quite a bore.  Finally one of the members spoke upon a blogger argument with another site similar to Twitter, I missed the name of it – Troggit or something?  Anyways he spoke about how he was in a heated debate with the other blogger with no clear winner between them.  They lamented about the future of blogging and how some sites were ‘members only’ such as closed groups on Facebook being non including of everybody, only being ‘accepted’ by the moderator.

They finally got into the Bit Coins which is a new proposal of a world currency, albeit in response to the world wide web and people being able to trade worldwide better.  The currency would be worth more then most countries currency but was unsure what private backers would back the new idea or what country would even accept it.  No telling if this idea would fly or not according to the announcers.

They got into new web browsers and pitching ideas online.  All in all was interesting but quite a bit of a snooze.  Not an interesting topic for the majority but feel a minority would get into their shop talk!


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