60 seconds or less…

The Techcrunch pitch – Events @Carsonfied.com, the British version – Now I thought I was learning about new start up’s, and the one all of the commentators gushed over was the eRepuplik strategy game platform that was basically a World of Warcraft, Sid Meijers Colonization broken down into quick playable segments. I thought hey, my son would love this game, he is into the whole strategy Colonization, war aspects. Thinking I was on to something, I found the site quickly and shot him an email about my discovery. Apparently within minutes he replied “Lol, I already played that game, It got seriously boring.” Egads, late again!

This Techcrunch pitch was shot in late 2008, so all of the concepts have either taken off or crashed and burned by now. The ironic thing to me is how fast a lot of World Wide Web sites come in go. Which leads me into this presentation. I’m already familiar with the 60-second fast pitch, everybody is crunching down to how fast can you sell your company within 60 seconds. We are in such a fast paced, fast food, get it while you wait society that peoples attention spans are short and limited. As we realize life is short, how much we can cram into any given weekday is to be determined by what we can get off in 60-seconds or less.

My friend Monaqui Porter, who runs Srina Tea company did a 60-second pitch on MSNBC; where the scenario is, if you run into a major CEO in an elevator ride, you have that one opportunity to pitch your company where they may decide to invest. After the elevator ride the reporters asked her some questions and gave her a rating much like Techcrunch.

I think what these presentations accomplish more then anything is that yes, we realize time is short, money is time, we write great short blogs, quick tweets, quick comments on social and chat sites, even make quick Youtube styled videos to make the world laugh with you, or at you. Commercials are vying for 30 second and 10 second spots to attract your ‘not paying attention’ self.

What these quick pitches do, especially with the rating, is get your actual, you, in person, face to face presentation down to a science. Everything I just mentioned can be edited, you have time on your side, you don’t hit the share button until you are satisfied. Blabbering incoherently to a would be suitor is murder. They loved your blog ‘on the fascist society that masquerades as the freeworld’, but when they meet you in person and all they hear is ‘moss’ and ‘sneakers’, then its a wrap! Several of these presenters I would have taken off points for ‘Uhh’ and ‘Er’s’, but I take it that was not the case, we all do it, I for one stutter with the best of them in nervous situations. The flick the ‘King’s Speech’ was a great example.

Up close, person to person, worse in front of a crowd, is mankind’s nemesis and often the fatal hurdle to get your terrific dot.com from the bedroom to the boardroom. Be precise, talk about what it is and what it will do for the listener in the most clearest, easiest manner you can. Show what you can do, over telling what you can do. The most skilled communicators will still lose with crappy show and tell. Bring your A game, with both verbal and showmanship and you’ll be a winner, even if overall the project sucks!


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