The Best and Worst Rappers turned Actors

I had to post it, they have available lists on IMDB, and wifey was blasting 50 Cents attempt at acting, ‘Get Rich Or Die Trying’, was on and bugging me.  Not looking directly at the tube, the mere sound of him mumbling through unnecessary narration was driving me nuts!  Funny, her reasoning for watching is to watch his bod, hardly enough to enjoy his acting chops.   She barely even listens to his music, besides a few hits here or there.

So highly inspired, I had to share my offering of the ‘The Best and Worst Rappers turned Actors list on IMDB.   If these rap/actors can take criticism, then they will not take as a diss, and send affiliates to ‘come see me’, and instead try to enhance their craft they are known for.  This is not an attack on them personally, just their bad choice of judgement.  Like Michael Jordan taking on Baseball, it just wasn’t the same as him being the best ever in Basketball.  Can anybody really see 50 Cent doing Shakespeare in the park?  Snoop Dog covering ‘Death of a Salesman’? Most on the worse really should concentrate on their rhyme skills, versus attempting to master two different crafts.   Just cause you ham it up on video with booty shaking women doesn’t translate into an exemplar thespian.

As the great actor Samuel L. Jackson quoted;  ”To take people from the music world and give them the same kind of credibility and weight that you give me, Morgan Freeman, Laurence Fishburne, Forest Whitaker — that’s like an aberration to me; you just can’t do that,” he says. ”It’s not my job to lend credibility to so-and-so rapper who’s just coming into the business.”

Should be a source of great debate, but is funny, most people can’t disagree with me!   Read and enjoy!

The best rappers turned actors

The worst rappers turned actors


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