Javascript tweeting

I’m trying my best to get acquainted with the world of website building using HTML and Javascript and I must say it can be quite frustrating if you’re not technically inclined!    I’m more of an artistic soul, championing music and radio causes, art, writing, I’m on one.   This javascript mess is tedious and even with a laid out blueprint such as to work with, it still has it’s moments!   I had decided on using the ElementStacks template to showcase some pic’s from Flickr in a funky pattern – even with a sample – it never showed the correct way to place the link from your Flickr account to display them correctly!  After an hour of frustration, versus slinging my beautiful computer I simply went with the Twitter feed Javascript language.  If you want to see for yourself, here you go!


Old School Terrestrial radio needs to embrace Mobile tech

Old School Terrestrial Radio needs to upgrade to Mobile Web     My slide show analysis of sister radio conglomerates Cherry Creek Radio and Main Line Broadcasting upgrading to the Mobile Web and building their brand online.

I know it may be boring to most, but I am an advocate for traditional radio maintaining its place in todays new digital frontier.  Traditional terrestrial radio has competition coming at it from all angles and may be retreating from the pressure, but I definitely feel if they embrace new tech and adapt with the times, their solid positioning will help them grow stronger.  Your branding online is a do or die situation, plus the new frontier of mobile web has just begun.  Only thing thats going to hurt them the most is they need to break a lot of their sacred traditions they’ve clung too for all so long.  Read on… Upgrading Old School Radio to the Mobile Web Slideshow